• Aras Hama Saeed Faraj Ministry of Health, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Dana Ahmed Sharif College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Quality of life (QOL), Hemodialysis (HD), End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), Health-Related QOL (HRQOL)


Quality of life is an important parameter that needs to be considered when evaluating the outcome of patients
receiving healthcare; this is especially the case for patients with long-term chronic diseases. Furthermore, with
the increasing medical ability to prolong life, the patient’s quality of life has become an increasingly legitimate
medical outcome. Therefore, assessment of patients’ quality of life not only helps assess the quality of the
dialysis but also is useful to guide nephrologists to develop better interventions and plans of care for the future.

To assess the quality of life and factors affecting hemodialysis patients.

Patients and Methods
An observational, cross-sectional study was conducted among (209) patients on maintenance hemodialysis
at six major hemodialysis centres in Sulaimani Governorate. They are using a questionnaire face-to-face
interview for ten months, from 7/Sep./2021 to 10/Jun/2022. Data analysis by the IBM SPSS program,
quantitative variables are expressed as mean ± standard deviation (M±SD), median and interquartile, and
results from qualitative variables are expressed as percentages. P-value < 0.05 assume the significance for

Overall mean quality of life was near (37%) in (100%) of normal persons, with an SD (of 13.26). Over one-third
were in the age group of (50-64) years, and the number increased by age. Nearly equal male-to-female ratio
(50.2male, while 49.8 female). (46.4%) were illiterates, and (67%) were Unemployed. Claimed that they had no
income (65.6 %) and diabetes mellitus among patients (45.9%). Demographic factors, dialysis adequacy, and
clinical factors are among the factors that affect the quality of life.

Despite regular hemodialysis, the patient’s quality of life on maintenance hemodialysis is severely affected.
Both clinical and nonclinical factors, such as demographic factors, Dialysis adequacy, comorbidities, and
others, were severely affecting the quality of life of patients on maintenance hemodialysis, especially physical


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