• Amanj Abubakr Jalal Khaznadar College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Zaynab Muhammed Bahadir Baban Internal Medicine Board Trainee, Ministry of Health, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Thyroid gland, TFT abnormalities, CCU



A large number of patients are admitted to coronary care units daily. Thyroid gland abnormalities are one of the reasons which cause people to have cardiac events. Therefore, detecting thyroid gland abnormalities among cardiac care unit patients and early management leads to less morbidity/mortality and a better long-term prognosis for those patients.


The study was done to detect the function of thyroid gland abnormalities and their effect on different cardiac conditions among patients admitted to CCU.

Patients Methods

This descriptive cross-sectional study includes a consecutive non-random sampling of 201 patients. All the patients enrolled in this study were admitted to the CCU unit of Sulaimanya Teaching Hospital and Shar Hospital in Sulaimanya city/Iraq between August 2021 and January 2022. Thyroid function test and lipid profile were checked for the participants. The pediatric age group, pregnant women, patients with malignancies/ severe systemic illness /on amiodarone/ congenital heart disease were excluded. Statistical Package analysed the collected data for Social Science (SPSS) (version 22.0).


One hundred fifteen (57.2%) participants were male, and 86(42.8%) were female. The most common age group was between 45-64 years. HTN(%44.3), diabetes (29.9%) and hyperlipidemia (17.9%) were common comorbid conditions. The most common cause of admissions to CCU was due to ACS (63.2%) and then arrhythmia (22.9%), decompensated heart failure (12.9%) and pericardial diseases (1%). In addition, 82.59% (166) of the participants were euthyroid, and 17.41% (35) had thyroid gland function abnormalities.


The effect of thyroid hormone problems on cardiac conditions is one of the important causes of CCU admissions. Patients with ACS and heart failure are presented with hypothyroidism. However, arrhythmia is present more in cases of hyperthyroidism.


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