• Bahez Sartip Tahir Hiwa Cancer Hospital, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Bahar Nasradeen Majeed College of Nursing, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.




Quality of life, Pediatric cancer patients, Cancer therapy



Assessing the quality of life has become an essential aspect in the treatment of pediatric cancer patients. Previously studies concerning this issue were limited but nowadays increased; the literature has shown that the quality of life of children and adolescents is negatively affected by cancer disease and its treatment.


To assess the quality of life of pediatric cancer patients receiving cancer therapy at Hiwa Cancer Hospital in Sulaimani City according to patients’ reports.

Patients and Methods

A Quantitative-descriptive design has been carried out on (110) pediatric patients who received cancer therapy. Data was collected using standard quality of life inventory 4.0. Data analyzed using statistical package of social science version (24).


According to the patients’ report, the main findings in the present study are that the quality of life among pediatric cancer patients was at a reasonable level (64.54±10.02). The social function domain got the highest score with equaled (76.04 %); physical function domain (60.28 %), the emotional function domain (63.31%), and the lowest domain was school function (58.30 %).


The social and emotional function domains in the quality of life of pediatric cancer patients were good levels in which patients rarely have a problem. At the same time, physical and school functioning got an acceptable level in which patients sometimes have a problem.


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