• Sabir Osman Mustafa Plastic Surgery, Hawler Medical University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Zhwan Sabah Hassan Sulaimani Burn, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Hospital, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Webspace, Postburn contracture, Rhomboid flap, Z-plasty



One of the most common deformities after the occurrence of hand burn is web space contracture which has both aesthetic and functional drawbacks. In this prospective study combined rhomboid and double Z-plasty technique is used to reconstruct web space contracture.


Is to assess a combination of the rhomboid flap with a double Z-plasty technique for reconstruction of palmar and dorsal web space contractures to decrease shortcoming and achieve better functional and aesthetic results.

Patients and methods

18 webs of 9 patients with postburn web space contracture of palmar and dorsal type were submitted to reconstruction using combined rhomboid and double Z-plasty technique.


The average age of the 9 patients included in our study was 24 years and most of them developed web space contracture as a result of a flame burn. The duration of their contracture ranged between (2-20) years. Our patients were satisfied with the results both regarding the functional and aesthetic appearance of the webspace. After using this technique for reconstruction of 18 webs which were included in our study, we didn’t notice any significant complications in terms of flap necrosis, digital ischemia, wound dehiscence or infection, and recurrence of contracture.


The combined rhomboid flap and double Z-plasty technique is a simple and effective method for reconstruction of postburn web space contracture of the hands.


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