• Nizar Mohamed Tawfeeq Hamawandi Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Barzan O. Ahamad Department of Adult, College of Nursing, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.




Evaluation, Wound Dressing, Health care providers, Surgical Teaching Hospital



Wound dressing is a clinical procedure mostly undertaking by nursing staffs that require excellent skills and knowledge. Effective wound dressing promotes wound healing and leads to early discharge and saving costs.


To evaluate wound dressing practices among Health Care Providers and find out the relationship between the practices and the socio-demographic characteristics of Health Care Providers.


A prospective observational descriptive study was conducted at Sulaimani Surgical Teaching Hospital, from November 17th, 2018 to November 17th, 2019. A purposive “non-probability” sample of 37 Health Care Providers was taken from the wards of general, orthopedic and urological surgery. Data were collected through the use of direct observation. Data were analyzed with SPSS 25 (Statistical Package for Social Sciences, version 25), through the application of descriptive statistical analysis including frequency and percentage, the application of inferential statistics including the mean of score, percentage and ANOVA test.


The majority of the Health Care Providers were males (54.1%), with an age group 41 years and over (48.6%), secondary nursing school graduate (37.8%), having less than 10 years of experience (37.8%), married (10.8%), from the general surgical department (67.6%) and participating in training sessions (67.6%). There were no significant relationship between the nurse's gender, working place, level of education, participating in training sessions and their practices, but there were significant relationship between the nurse's age, years of experience and their practices.


The results demonstrated a practice deficit in most items of wound dressing practice regarding the preparation of the patients applying wound dressing technique and post wound dressing care. Special training sessions must be arranged for the health care providers, developing special forms for nursing documentation for wound dressing.


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