• Kamaran Karadakhy Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Tuberculosis, Chest X-Ray, Sulaimani, Iraq



The radiological findings of pulmonary tuberculosis show considerable variations but, in most cases, they are characteristic enough to suggest the diagnosis. Chest X-Ray remains an important tool of screening and diagnosis of the disease. 


The current study aims to describe the radiological findings in patients treated for tuberculosis in DOTS centers in Sulaimani city.


A CXR of a total of 179 patients diagnosed with tuberculosis during 2010-2011 were checked for findings in this analysis. 


The most common finding was infiltration in 127 (71%) cases followed by pleural effusion (18%), opacity (6%) and a cavity in 3% of the patients. Types of lesions were not statistically associated with age or sex. The right lung alone was the most affected side in 47% of cases, left lung in 33% and both lungs in 20% of cases. The lesions involved the upper zone in 69% of cases followed by the lower zone (16%) and the middle zone (15%). The overall mortality of these patients was 4.5%. Older age was a significant factor of death as mortality was 10.6 % in patients aged 65 and over while it was 5.8% in patients aged between 35-65 and zero in younger patients. The middle zone lesions were associated with a statistically higher mortality rate compared to the other zones. 


The study showed that the infiltration was the most common radiological finding, the right lung was most affected, and mortality was higher in older age and middle zone lesions. Evaluation of CXR findings of tuberculosis patients remains important both for diagnosis and follow-up.


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