• Jihad Ibrahim Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialties Candidate, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Kamaran Karadakhy Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Spirometry, Chest X-Ray, Dyspnea, Wheeze, Cough



Concerning relationship between respiratory symptoms, spirometry and chest X-ray, the relationship has been both underestimating and overestimating in the diagnosis and treatment.


To show the correlation between symptoms and the findings on different parameters of chest X-ray, spirometry, weight, gender, and age.


A case-control study has been done in Sulaimani city. The cases have visited the Respiratory Center at SHAR- teaching Hospital in Sulaimania- Iraq from June 1st, 2017 to December 1st, 2017. 146 cases with respiratory symptoms and 72 asymptomatic subjects served as a control group. A simple respiratory questionnaire has been used, Body Mass Index, Spirometry (Spirometry from both CareFusion and Mir air) and chest X-ray at the Radiological Department at SHAR-teaching Hospital. Age was between 12 and 70 years, undiagnosed respiratory diseases previously, mentally clear: understand how he/she can perform spirometry.


A total of (218) subjects, (146) cases and (72) controls were enrolled. Mean age of (39.7) years for cases and (49.23) years for control group. Gender distribution, both cases and control groups are relatively well matched with (68%) males Vs (32%) females in cases and (72%) males Vs (28%) females among the control group. Smoking habit (30.8%) cases Vs (40.2%) control. SPO2% was same in both groups. Chest X Ray findings: Cases (96%) had unremarkable CXR, (1.37%) hyper inflated pattern, (1.37%) Bilateral Hilar Enlargement (BHE), and a single (0.68%) cardiomegaly. Control group( 93%) had unremarkable CXR, (1.38% )hyper inflated pattern and (5.55%) cardiomegaly. Spirometry findings cases (88.35%) normal and (11.65% )obstructive pattern. While control groups (97.22% )normal and (2.78%) restrictive pattern. Dyspnea ( 87%), cough (68%), sputum (36 %), wheeze (17 %) most common symptoms.


The respiratory symptoms and CXR findings had a strong relation to both age and smoking. Spirometry is more symptomatic dependent than CXR. BMI and gender showed no significant differences between the two groups.


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