• Muaid Ismaiel Aziz Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Rhino-sinusitis, nasal obstruction, endoscopic sinus surgery



Chronic Rhinosinusitis has a great impact on patient`s life quality because of its associated symptoms,were endoscopic sinus surgery widely used as treatment for it , so assessment of symptomatic outcome of this type of surgery on quality of life will be of value for otorhinolaryngology surgeons and for the patient.


To assess the effect of endoscopic sinus surgery in improving symptoms and health aspect of quality of life for patients with chronic rhinosinusitis depending on the patient`s satisfaction.

This prospective study conducted on 60 patients suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis, with male predominance (33 Males: 27 Females), were underwent endoscopic sinus surgery. Sino-Nasal Assessment Questionnaire used for data collection preoperatively and six months postoperatively. Data analyzed statistically and compared.


There was highly significant association between the preoperative and postoperative scores(p <0.001), no association found for the outcome with the age(p>0.05) or sex (p>0.05), nasal obstruction was the most relieved symptom and cough was the least.


Endoscopic sinus surgery done for patients with chronic rhinosinusitishas a positive effect on disease-specific Quality of Life after six months follow-up.


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