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Shakhawan Ali Abdulrahman * and Naser Abdullah Mohammed **

*   Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sulaimani.
**  Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sulaimani.

Submitted: 7/2/2015; Accepted: 31/5/2015Published 1/12/2015



The study of lumbar spinal canal becomes important in persons with low backache and other related complaints particularly for the diagnosis of spinal canal stenosis.


This study aims to measure the mid sagittal diameter of the lumbar spinal canal at the level of L3 and thus evaluating the risk of spinal canal stenosis.


The study was conducted on 106 kurdish patients complaining of lower backache using a 1.5 Tesla MRI scan in the imaging center of Sulaimani teaching hospital.


The mean midsagittal diameter of bony spinal canal at the level of L3 was 12.32 ± 1.44 mm. About 52% of the patients had normal spinal canal diameter, while about 48% of the patients had a stenosed canal.


Midsagittal diameter of the spinal canal was smaller than what it was found in other populations and thus having a greater risk of spinal canal stenosis.


Lumbar spinal canal diameter, Spinal canal stenosis, MRI.

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