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JSMC publishes manuscripts in all fields of medicine in the English language. The issues are published online in March, June, September, and December. JSMC is an open-access journal, the journal articles can be accessed freely from the journal web site.


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Sherko A Omer  

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Browse the newly released issue, Vol 10, No. 1, 2020 

This issue contains

Role of Oral Propranolol in The Treatment of Infantile Hemangiomas

Ari Raheem Zangana and Ala Ismail Shakur


Testosterone level In Type 2 Diabetic Male Patients
Hemn Muhammed Mustafa, Fattah Hama Rahim Fattah and Ibrahim Talib Salih


Efficacy, Satisfaction, and Discomfort of Long Acting Contraceptive Methods in Sulaimani City, Iraq: A comparative follow up Study

Abeer Muhyadden Saeed, Huda Muhaddein Mohammed, and Fattah Hama Rahim Fattah


Treatment Modalities and Outcomes of Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis
Azhin H. Tofiq A. Qadir and Kamal A. Saeed


Association between Serum Triglyceride Level and Chronic Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Taha O. Mahwy, Karokh Fazil Hamahussien, and Delman Al-Attar

Thick Endometrium in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Postmenopausal Women: Sonographic and Histopathological Correlation
Shano A. Muhammad, Srwa J. Murad, and  Ariana K. Jawad

Comparison between Intraoperative Features of Morbidly Adherent Placenta with Prenatal Ultrasonic Features
Juanita Salah Ahmed, Ariana Khalis Jawad, and  Huda Muhaddien Muhammad

Vitamin D Intoxication in Infants with Vitamin D Supplements
Awat J. Mustafa and Aso F. Salih

The Success Rate of Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section using Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section Score
Taban Aziz Sidiq and Sallama Kamel Nasir

Comparison between Unilateral Spinal Anesthesia and Conventional Spinal Anesthesia in Orthopedic Lower Limb Operation for Hemodynamic Stability
Amir Murad Khudadad Boujan and Bwar Ali Hussein

Prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus Infection among Children with Beta Thalassemia Major in Sulaimani
Karzan Mohammed Hasan, Jamal Ahmad Rashid, and Ibrahim Khasraw Ghafoor 

Esophageal Strictures Following Esophageal Atresia Repair in Children in Sulaimani City; Frequency and Response to Endoscopic Balloon Dilatation

Adnan Mohammed Hasan, Mahdi Aziz Hama Marif, and Rozhan Nabaz M. Sediq

Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on the Electrocardiograph Records of Patients with beta Thalassemia Major: An open-label Randomized Clinical Trial 
Raz M. Hama Salih and  Marwan S.M. Al-Nimer

Factors Affecting the Complication Rates of Pediatric Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Using the Modified Clavien Classification System
Sarwar Noori Mahmood, Hazhar Muhammad Rasul, and Hewa Mahmood Tawfeeq

Increasing Rate of Cesarean Section in Sulaimani Maternity Teaching Hospital for the Period from 2008 to 2018
Talar A. Al-Barzanji,  Shlair Faeq Ghareeb, and Amanj K. Mohammed

Different Cardiovascular Manifestations of Primary Hypothyroidism in Sulaimani Teaching Hospital
Amanj Abubakr Khaznadar and Aiman Muhammed Mareay

Incidence and Risk Factors of Lymphedema after Regional Treatment of Breast Cancer
Hawar Hasan Ali Ghalib, Dara Ahmed Mohammed, Kanar Abubakr Xaznazdr, and Khalid Mustafa Abdullah


Recently Accepted Articles

Accepted for Volume 10, No. 2, 2020

Burr-hole Drainage with Drain versus Burr-hole Drainage with Drain and Irrigation in Treating Chronic Subdural Hematoma: a Case-Control Study
Ari Anwer Salih and Ari Sami Hussain Nadhim

Safety and Effectiveness of Fractional Erbium-Yag (2940nm) Laser in the Treatment of Melasma in Sulaimania City
Kazhan A. Tofiq